School Bulding

1. Fees once paid are not refundable.
2. The amount of fees and other charges payable by the students, and the mode and time of payment is duly mentioned in the booklet issued to each student every year. Parents are advised to adhere to the schedule of payment of fees and charges, strictly.
3. These dates will strictly be observed and if the payment is not made in time, a fine of RS. 50/- will be charged after the due date.
4. IF the fee is not paid even after one month of the due date the pupil’s name will automatically be struck off the roll and re-admission may not be easily granted.
5. Parents of Guardians will kindly keep the receipts issued to them and produce them as proof of payment of fees if needed.
6. The School management reserves the right to modify or enhance the amount of fees and other charges, from time to time. The said modifications/enhancement shall become due and payable with prospective effect.
7. If a student is admitted or withdrawn during any quarter he/ she is required to pay full fee for that quarter.
8. Those who lose the fee card will be fined Rs.50/-
9. Failure to pay the due fees and other charges before the commencement of the examination may debar a student from it. In all cases, the School Management shall withhold the result and the student Management shall withhold the result and the student concerned will not eligible for promotion to the next class unless the dues are cleared up within the time granted by the School Management.